Kids Burst Into The Room In The Middle Of Live BBC Interview

by Drew Jackson
Kids burst onto scene of live BBC TV Interview

Have you ever been working from home, on a conference call only to hear one of your kids screaming in the other room? “Daaaaaaaaaaad! Where are the Cheerios?!”  As you scramble to hit the mute button on your Webex or Skype call.

For professor Robert E. Kelly he learned this first hand during his interview last week on the BBC when discussing South Korea’s political upheaval.  This video has been going viral, as there are so many of us who can empathize with his situation.

“I think it’s awesome that a man can be world class in his field and have a family where their kids feel comfortable enough to play with him,” Rob Erickson said via Twitter.

As the first child enters you hear the BBC reporter providing a heads up that one of his children might have just entered the room.  As Robert scrambles to deflect the dancing child back with his arm, at a seemly planned and comical entrance we see a second youngster, a baby, scramble into the room wheeling himself in on his walker.

A short amount of time goes by before you see a panicked woman slide into the room like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

You then see her eyes raise to the gentleman’s webcam in shock to see he is on a live tv broadcast.  She does her best to grab each of the kids and make an exit, but they sure didn’t make it easy as the dancing girl reverts to the floor and the walker gets stuck in the doorway.

So far it seems the internet has taken very kindly to this event as Robert has mentioned getting nothing but praise and the video going viral.  What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?

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