Aquatix 32oz Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle Review

by Drew Jackson

When it comes to everyday family products, a little research can go a long way.  You are spending your hard earned money and want to find something you’ll love and know will last. As convenient as it might seem to run to your local Target and grab the first water bottle you see, it’s probably not your best bet. In this review, we cover I am going to explain why waiting 2 days shipping time (Amazon Prime) for an Aquatix Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle is beyond worthwhile.

Insulated water bottles have become all the rage lately with the market seeing an explosion in brands and choices.  With products from familiar brands like Hydroflask and Under Armor, it can be easy to just go with a popular name brand.  I fell into that original dilemma when I purchased a 32oz Hydro Flask bottle, but after sub-par results, switching over to my Aquatix 32oz Sports Water Bottle changed the way I drink water forever

As an active Las Vegas family, our water bottles travel with us everywhere we go.  When you have a knapsack full of ice cold water bottles it’s easy to extend your Pokemon go adventures. Keeping the family cool and hydrated while you catch them all. We all want our drinks to stay colder longer, but do you have the right tools to do so? And is that all we want out of our water bottles?  We made a list of the top benefits we look for in a great family water bottle:

  1. Keeps our ice waters cold in 100+ Degree Las Vegas weather
  2. Comes with an easy to use, secure lid that doesn’t leak even when thrown into a travel bag
  3. Has minimal to no “bottle sweating”

Double-Walled Vacuum Insulation

This introduced me to a category of bottles I previously knew little about, “Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles.” I started doing research into exactly what these were and how they work.  I found a great description on which stated:

A thermos is a bottle with a double-walled container inside of it. The air between the two walls is sucked out during construction, creating a vacuum. Instead of containing some kind of heating element to keep hot things hot, a thermos is designed to keep hot things hot by not allowing heat to escape

Cold Up to 24 Hours or Hot Up To 12 Hours

Aquatix introduces the same concept in their water bottles and is the technology behind how they keep things so cold.  The bottle limits heat transfer between the liquid stored inside your bottle and the atmosphere outside the bottle.

Keeping Things Cool

As I mentioned in the introduction, I purchased a Hydro Flask bottle based on what I thought was popular.  The first problem I ran into is that over the span of 6 months the ice in my bottle seemed to melt faster and the water got warmer quicker.  The bottle was losing its ability to keep things cold within a years’ time.

Aquatix 32oz fits anywhere

In came my wife and an idea to try something new.  After I complained and complained, my loving wife decided to take action and do something about it.  A friend of hers from work recommended Aquatix Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle and told her how well it worked for their family.  She ordered me a 21oz bottle and set it out on my desk while I was at work.  When I got home I promptly emptied my Hydro Flask and filled the new Aquatix bottle with water, ice, and then forgot about it on my desk as the day went along.

The next morning I woke up and went to grab my water bottle for work.  Remembering that I left my new Aquatix bottle unused on my desk I was ready to empty it and refill as the ice had surely melted overnight.  I walked over to my desk, grabbed the water bottle, and heard the clinking of ice cubes as I picked it up.  With a surprised look on my face, I popped the top, took a sip, and realized it was completely cold and the ice had not melted away.  Picking up the water bottle there was no condensation on the outside and no water rings on my desk where it had sat overnight.  It was a miracle!

Aquatix Unboxing and 21oz and 32oz Size Comparison

I ran the water bottle through a lot of tests over the upcoming months.  I spent a fair amount of time playing basketball outside at the park with my water bottle cooking in the sun but staying super cold inside.  I let it sit for a day inside of the house checking back on it in 24 hours only to find it still kept a cool temperature. I even tried changing how much ice I added.  The only complaint I had was because I used it so much, I was constantly refilling it.  Taking into account the increase in water consumption on my end, I decided it was time to upgrade to a larger capacity bottle.  The Aquatix 21oz Sports Bottle was doing its job so far and I was hungry (or should I say thirsty) for more. My next step, purchasing Aquatix’s 32oz model, and I haven’t looked back since.

Requirements For A Water Bottle Lid

Our second requirement came from my experience with the purchase of a Hydro Flask water bottle.  I was looking for an easy-to-use lid that provided a tight seal with no leakage.  I wanted to be able to drink out of it without a lot of hassle, and it needed to have a sizable spout.  There is nothing worse than being thirsty and having your water trickle out.

With Hydro Flask, the stock cap the bottles come with failed my first test–it was not easy.  This lid similar to one you’d find on a thermos (picture below – on the left).  I was annoyed throughout the day having to remove and replace the entire cap just to have a drink.

Hydro Flask Stock and Addon Cap

I immediately purchased an add-on cap online (picture above – on the right) for $8.00.  This was frustrating having to spend additional money get a feature I originally wanted.   After my purchase, I realized this cap did pass the first requirement of being easy to use but failed the second of providing a leak tight seal and being secure.  From time to time I would notice slight leakage from this cap when drinking.  Yet, because the lid doesn’t have a secure seal, placing the water bottle inside a gym bag or on its side anywhere was impossible without all of its contents being poured out.

Easy To Use, Secure Non-Leak Flip Top

Aquatix’s stock Non-Leak Flip Top comes standard with their Sports Water bottles.  Instantly I knew this was the bottle for me.  With a sizeable spout, and simple click to release control, lid shows no signs of leaks or spills.  Additionally, there is a quick latch you can click up and down to lock the top in place, so as not to accidentally pop open your bottle in your purse or gym bag.  Opening, closing or securing the lock can be done with one hand and very little effort.

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Sweating More Than My Bottle

Our last requirement was to find a water bottle that did not sweat.  When working out at the gym, you should be sweating more than your water bottle does.  With my Hydro Flask,  I would be sitting inside the house working on the computer only to pick up the water bottle and see a big ring of water pooling on the desk where the bottle had been.  With Aquatix 32oz Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle, you will get no condensation, no water rings, and no leaks.



Hopefully, this review helped to highlight my true experience with the Aquatix Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle and provides real world comparison to its competitor Hydro Flask.  In my opinion, the Aquatix 32oz Double Insulated Sports Water Bottle excelled in every noticeable area.  Right now Aquatix is having a HUGE sale on Amazon and has their 32oz bottle for 60% off!  The price is down to $26.50 which is the lowest I have seen it go on Amazon.  Aquatix is an up and coming brand, and based on my testing and personal experience I would recommend it to anyone!

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